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Ritual Packages – create your own sanctuary, abundant with healing rituals


Your universal journey begins with a lavender & clary sage hot stone foot bath. Flow into your 90 minute massage treatment ~ choose from an Ayurvedic or Stress-Fix body massage infused with an Herbal Heat Healing Therapy – a steam pack treatment using medicinal herbs such as lavender, ginger, bay leaf, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemongrass to help clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. Travel stress free into a customized 60 minute Ayurvedic Aroma-ology Stress-Fix Facial, all wrapped up with a Sonoma Lavender eye pillow  for take home.


The essence of simple Serenity with a 60 minute restorative Swedish massage paired perfectly with a renewing Signature Spa facial.


Encompass the wholeness of your being and connect the mind, body, and awaken the spirit –this holistic package includes a healing 60 minute Ayurvedic massage or an Ayurvedic facial followed by a 90 minute Reiki session & consultation that balances and opens the energy wheels in the energetic body known as CHAKRAS. We are the rainbow bridge…


Your sacred day is a celebration of life so rebirth with the magic of you. Awaken the earth’s energy within, as you dip your feet into a warm river rock foot bath and revive with 30 minutes of gentle exfoliation using the salt of the earth combined with the healing properties of Lavender & Eucalyptus. Restore with a 60 minute Swedish massage, and renew the skin you’re in with a Youth Re- Building facial. Relax in the Zen Lounge and nourish your body with food and beverage.

Heart to Heart RITUAL – $289 (price may vary with personal selection)

The two of you can escape to a sanctuary where you both will be treated to a soothing 45 minute Botanical Herb Foot Therapy in our Zen Lounge. Then journey side-by-side into a 60 minute relaxing and restorative Swedish massage (or choose from our menu of  massage Rituals, price may vary). Your getaway is satisfied with the liberation of a nourishing lunch or light dinner with refreshing teas and herb & fruit infused living waters.

A WAY OF LIFE RITUAL – $489 (a private suite is available by reservation)

You have arrived. So close your eyes and settle in, making Serenity a way of life. Restore and renew the body with a 90 minute Chakra Balancing massage and a 30 minutes of Indian Head therapy, revitalize the face with your 60 minute Skin Ritual of choice, heal with a 45 minute Herbal Reflexology foot therapy, and awaken the expansive awareness  of the mind with a 30 minute personally guided heart opening meditation session. Enjoy a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga class option and enjoy healthy nourishment for the body during your stay.