The Hot Belly Diet

The New Book by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar and David Frawley

Co-authored with David Frawley, this guide is a great resource on the wisdom of Vedic Counseling. Vedic is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “life wisdom,” and Vedic Counseling offers personalized readings based on the Vedic science known as Jyotish astrology. Jyotish is a profound and mathematically sophisticated wisdom tradition that originated in India thousands of years ago. Reserve your book today from our boutique (916) 797-8550 or (916) 542-7363.  Learn More


The Hot Belly Diet

From an internationally recognized physician who combines principles of Eastern medicine with modern science, a groundbreaking diet and total body & optimal health plan centered on digestive balance and metabolic transformation. Whether you’re trying to lose weight fast, suffering from a chronic condition, looking to prevent future illness, or just wanting to feel your best every day, The Hot Belly Diet will re-establish your body’s natural balance through a healthy metabolism, creating a thinner, healthier, and happier you—for life. Let the firing up begin!


The New Book by Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar

Enjoy a life long guide to inner and outer beauty with renowned author, Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar. Celebrate her new book, Enchanting Beauty, with a complimentary lecture and book signing. The new book is now available in our boutique.This book is a heartfelt work that imparts an inspiring message of love, acceptance and hope for women of any color, shape or size. With a voice of gentleness and compassion, it reminds us of the real meaning of being a woman and what it is like to possess true beauty in its spiritual, psychological and physical aspects. It is designed to empower women with the tools needed to actively uncover their own enchanting beauty. Call us to reserve your copy of the book in our boutique. Roseville (916) 797-8550 or Folsom (916) 542-7363


Success Stories from Clients:

Melinda –
The Hot Belly program has been a true journey for me and has awakened me to my own personal strength within.  I’ve been on the program for 10 months now and have lost over 75 pounds.  Needless to say this program has changed my life.  I feel better, I look better, and I’m enjoying life to the fullest.
If I had to describe what has helped me the most, I would have to say “mindfulness”.  Learning and putting into practice this simple but powerful concept has helped me regain control over my intentions and desires.  Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, I try to take a moment to give thoughtful consideration to who I truly am and let that process guide me in making decisions; be it about food, exercise or the world around me.
I embrace all that I’ve learned and will be forever grateful to Dr.’s Manisha and Suhas, and all the folks at Serenity Spa & Soul Yoga in Folsom and Roseville, especially Tammie and Madison.  My journey to health continues and with their continued guidance and support, I know I’ll reach my goal; in many ways I already have.


Jennifer W. –
A personal consultation with Dr. Suhas was life enhancing for me. He essentially evaluated my overall health and gave me a “prescription” to regain my vitality and reduce my weight. I followed his advice, including reading his book Hot Belly Diet, and have been very successful in losing nearly forty pounds in 25 weeks. I’ve been on a few diets in my life, but following the Hot Belly Diet was a journey unlike a typical diet – in a good way. I’ve learned about how to keep the “digestive fire” burning and some life-changing habits that I will continue to do the rest of my life. I feel fantastic, sleep better, look better and am clear-headed. No more brain fog. I HIGHLY recommend a visit with Dr. Suhas.