Body Rituals

Special Ayurvedic Therapies


An Abhyanga Massage is a choreographed warm herbal oil massage that is designed to bring sustenance to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Each body type is unique, so the oil combinations are blended with specific herbs and essential oils to meet your special needs. Practitioners use rhythmic strokes and Pranic energy to stimulate and energize the subtle bodies. Traditional Abhyanga Massage has always included extensive work on the breast area. This is done not only as a means to beautify the breast, but also to release toxins in the lymph system around the breast and is an optional part of the massage.

$109 (60 minutes)

$149 (90 minutes)


Shirodhara is a gentle, yet profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind. Warm, dosha-specific herbal oils are beautifully streamed over the Ajna Chakra or third eye, taking the participant on a journey deep inside. This helps bring balance to the mind and the emotions, and is balancing to the nervous system; creating feelings of relaxation and delight. $109 (60 Minutes)

Swedana/Herbal Steam Therapy

This full body steam from the neck down infuses dosha specific herbs and heat to detoxify and purify the body $60 (45 minutes)

Garshna/Body Exfoliation

Body Exfoliation rids the skin of dead cells, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, promotes circulation and stimulates lymphatic circulation, creating lustrous and soft, vibrant skin. Exfoliation can be done in many types of ways and can be custom designed to fit your needs. $100 (45 Minutes)


Nasya is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for clearing the nasal passages and supporting healthy sinuses. This treatment begins with a facial steam and is followed by a face and neck massage. Then, herbal oils are administered into the nose to help heal the sinuses. Nasya is classically used for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, sleep apnea and headaches. It is praised in yoga for its profound effects on increasing mental focus and meditation. This therapy also is known to have profound effects on our emotions, desires and memories. $79 (60 Minutes)

Herbal Lepa

Herbal Lepas are tranquil and relaxing and are a deep healing treatment. Herbal paste is applied to the area of concern; whether that is the knees, lower back, shoulders, full body, etc. Then, a mix of powdered herbs will be dissolved in oil and allowed to dry into a type of plaster cast on the affected area. When the lepa is removed, clients generally notice a reduction of inflammation and pain. Lepas can also be placed on chakra points to aid in the release and toning of these powerful centers.

$79 (60 minutes)

$49 (30 minutes as an add-on to any massage)

Basti (Enema)

$79 (60 Minutes)

Eye Basti

Eye Basti is very useful for eyestrain, red/dry/itchy eyes, general vision problems and glaucoma. The entire eye area is covered with medicated ghee to release the inner tension of the eye sockets and to soothe eye tension. This treatment has traditionally been used to improve eyesight and it brings a glamorous sparkle to the eyes. $79 (60 Minutes)

Herbal Heat Compress

A healing addition to any massage. A hand-crafted herbal heat compress with a special blend of lavender, eucalyptus, rose petals and a hot stone wrapped in muslin is heated, oiled, and pressed onto the body to help open up energy centers, warms the muscles, and aids in detoxification. $17

Infrared Dry Sauna (Exclusive to Roseville)

Our body reacts to the increased heating through the natural cooling process of perspiring. Through the perspiration process, acid and waste residue like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and the potentially carcinogenic heavy metals are removed from the cells (especially zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc). As well as the pores of our skin opening and discharging waste products, the skin sheds any old skin cells, leaving it glowing and immaculately clean, with improved tone, elasticity, texture and colour. Soothing music, cool towels and fruit infusing living water is provided during this therapy. $17 (15  minnutes)

Ayurvedic Ritual Packages

Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy

An Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy is a combination of an Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara and Herbal Steam Therapy. These therapies take the mind, body, and spirit on an inner voyage of relaxation and mental purification. By creating profound relaxation, promoting energy flow and purifying the body/mind, this ritual encourages a deep remembering and peace that supports the healing process and connection to Spirit. A special panchakarma lunch is included. $297 (4 Hours)


Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s purification and rejuvenation method and therapeutic means of eliminating impurities from the body and mind. It is designed to remove deep rooted stress and impurities while balancing the doshas-those energies or forces that govern all biological functions. To begin your detox you will make an appointment with our Ayurvedic Practitioner, to discuss your health goals and concerns and to create a detox plan. After you complete your detox you get to choose from a 1, 3, or 5 day Panchakarma. A Panchakarma day begins with morning yoga and then you will shift into your body therapies. These therapies include a Bliss Therapy, an additional Ayurvedic Body Therapy and an Ayurvedic Enema (Basti). A special panchakarma lunch is included.

5 day $2,260 / 7 day $3,100 / 10 day $4,450


  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your reservation
  2. All appointments scheduled must be coupled with a credit card in order to hold your reservation
  3. Any cancellations or rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance.
  4. Without a 24 hour notice we must charge the card 50% of the services scheduled as a cancellation fee.